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Intelligent Analytics. Seamless Connectivity. One Platform.

Ascalia simplifies control and management of IoT systems.
Whether you’re adopting smarter manufacturing or building smarter cities,
we simplify every step and save you money in the process!

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Why use Ascalia?

unified platform

Unified Platform

Enjoy a comprehensive overview of your system and get fine-grained control in a single platform.

  • Asset management
  • Advanced analytics
  • Issue detection and management

Multi-vendor Support
& Legacy Compatibility

Ascalia allows you to connect your current equipment to the platform.

  • Support for legacy equipment
  • Full integration with different vendors
  • Zero transition costs or downtime
multi vendor legacy
ai driven

AI-driven Analytics

Predict faults and issues in your system before they occur using Ascalia’s advanced Artificial Intelligence.

  • Issue detection and prevention
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process Optimization

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Harness the inflow of various data streams to optimize energy usage across your systems.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Cut down and measure emissions
  • Become greener and more sustainable
carbon footprint
enterprise security

Enterprise-grade security

Ascalia implements the latest and most secure standards in both hardware and software security to protect your assets.

  • Protect your facility from security breaches
  • Encryption on a hardware level
  • On-premises option for high-security use-cases

Embrace a Greener and
Sustainable Future Today!

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