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Ascalia is a fully managed platform for smart cities and industry 4.0, using modern technology to reduce environmental footprint and improve sustainability in cities and industry

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The Future is now

World population is growing at an unprecedented rate, together with energy and resources consumption. It is our obligation to rethink how we use and reuse those resources to make sure we leave the world a better place for future generations.

By connecting your city or industrial facility into Ascalia ecosystem, you immediately get:

  • A single, unified platform for all your operations in real-time
  • Unprecedented data collection and analytics capabilities
  • Deep-dive into your day-to-day processes
  • Opportunity to save significant amount of energy and money
  • No need for 3rd party equipment or parts

Cities: why go smart?

Lower energy costs

Implementing systems such as smart lights, waste management and weather sensors into Ascalia you can reduce your energy costs up to 75%! Ascalia combines different data and algorithms to best optimize your energy consumption.

Reduce environmental footprint

Being smarter about how energy is used, waste managed and environment monitored, you can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of your city, making it a nicer and better place to live in.

Increase public transparency

Using Ascalia it is possible to show your citizens and visitors detailed data on how you reduce costs, save the environment and improve everyone’s well-being.

Lower risk

Having all data available in a single, unified manner, together with advanced analytics of Ascalia, you get the capability to monitor your city status and metrics like never before. This allows you to react on time to any problem, saving money and increasing citizen satisfaction

Industry 4.0

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs

    Having data on each part of your facility will help you identify bottlenecks, inefficient equipment and equipment at end-of-life. Fixing those issues with the help of Ascalia you will easily increase productivity and reduce costs

  • Monitor and manage 24/7 from anywhere

    Your facility should operate 24/7 in order to maximize profits and deliver products to clients on time. Connecting your facility into Ascalia will enable you with remote monitoring and analytics without having to upgrade any piece of equipment

  • Predict maintenance

    Imagine knowing in advance when a rotary machine will have a bust bearing. Using advanced predictive maintenance algorithms of Ascalia this is possible, allowing you to order necessary parts in advance and plan for downtime. Not only will you reduce downtime greatly but also reduce costs

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