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Who are we

Ascalia is a UK and Croatia based company that provides software and hardware solutions aimed at reducing resource and energy consumption in cities and industry.

We developed our hardware and software in a way that it can be easily customizable to conform with our client's goals. Our goal is to accelerate IoT development and empower our clients to easily install and benefit from the IoT based solutions in both smart cities and industry.

Ascalia provides a cost-effective package of integrated software and hardware that guarantees our clients a secure and timely achievement of their business objectives as well as significant cost savings.

The team behind Ascalia has years of experience in large distributed systems design and implementation, industrial solutions and data analytics.

Our main motivation is to leverage our knowledge and experience towards reduction of energy consumption and to help cities and industry achieve sustainability at all levels. We only have one planet and we must all strive towards keeping it a clean and wonderful place.

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Company Information

Ascalia Ltd.

C/O Gpc Financial Management Ltd 5 Fitzhardinge Street,
Marylebone, London, United Kingdom, W1H 6ED
VAT registration number
290 1603 25

Ascalia d.o.o.

Ulica Trate 16,
40000 Čakovec, Croatia
VAT registration number