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You don't need new equipment to become smart!

Ascalia’s ADS3000 series of devices allows legacy equipment to collect and send data to Ascalia’s systems. ADS devices are highly secure and use latest technologies in hardware encryption to make sure your facility or city infrastructure are never compromised!


How does it work?

It is quite simple. Once you discuss your requirements with our engineers, a suitable combination of equipment protocols, communications and ADS device is selected. Since everything is modular and plug-and-play, any number of devices needed for your facility can be assembled immediately.

In most cases, ADS devices can seamlessly be connected into live communication busses (such as Modbus) or equipment itself, without any downtime. In case of wireless protocols such as Zigbee/Xbee, it is enough to plug in ADS devices into your communications or electronics racks.

As soon as ADS devices boot up, they start collecting data, encrypting it on the fly using onboard hardware encryption modules and send it to Ascalia.

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ADS3000 comes in different versions with various connectivity options, IP grades and housing options, allowing you to choose the one best suited for your use-case. Once connected to a device or bus, it continuously reads configured data and sends it to Ascalia.

In case of any disruption of connectivity, device buffers data and sends it when connection is re-established.

Enterprise-grade security

Ascalia implements the latest and most secure standards in both hardware and software security to protect your assets.

All data is encrypted on multiple levels, ensuring no one can eavesdrop and get information from your facility or infrastructure. Once data comes to Ascalia, it resides in encrypted databases in secure datacenters, where only you have access to it.

For additional security, the entire Ascalia platform can be set up on-premises in your factory or infrastructure command centre.

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Supported equipment protocols

ADS devices support a most standard communications protocols, ranging from those popular in the 90s to the latest industry standards in the market today:

  • RS485/RS232
  • Modbus, Modbus over Ethernet
  • Ethernet
  • Zigbee/Xbee
  • Sigfox
  • LoRaWan
  • CANbus
  • Digital/Analog I/O
  • DALI

Supported communications

ADS devices can send collected data to Ascalia systems using different communication options.

Choose from high-bandwidth Ethernet to long-range, low-power Sigfox:

  • Ethernet/WiFi
  • Sigfox
  • LoRaWan

Industry 4.0

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