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Reimagining Manufacturing
with Industry 4.0

Ascalia helps you manage your manufacturing facilities by analysing and optimizing your processes.

Cut costs, manage your facility and save time – all using a single platform.

Ascalia Smart Factory Advantages

Predictive Maintenance
& Fault Detection

Factory downtime is a drain on financial resources and can be minimised using Ascalia’s AI-driven maintenance predictions.

  • Get automatic notifications when your equipment imminently requires maintenance.
  • Get real-time alerts about faults in the manufacturing process or equipment.

Rich Data Collection
& Analytics

Ascalia automatically collects and analyses the data flowing through it using advanced machine learning algorithms.

  • Intelligent analysis gives you the information you’ll need to make informed decisions.
  • Identify and address imminent maintenance needs before your factory comes to a standstill.


Ascalia is designed with security at its core, ensuring the highest level of protection for your communication streams.

  • Safeguards factory data using enterprise-grade encryption.
  • Uses the enterprise-grade Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to guarantee powerful end-to-end encryption.

Energy Optimization
& Cost Savings

Ascalia will learn to predict issues and inefficiencies before they occur.

  • Streamline various processes and save both time and energy.
  • Lower emissions and make your facility greener and more efficient.
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Compatibility with
Existing Equipment

Our innovative ADS3000 allows you to connect your factory to Ascalia without upgrading any equipment.

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