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Towards Greener,
More Sustainable
Smart Cities

Ascalia helps you seamlessly connect all aspects of your smart city. From managing smart lighting to optimizing waste management, Ascalia not only cuts down on your costs, but it also improves safety and reduces unnecessary emissions.

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Ascalia Smart Cities Advantage

Unified & Secure

Ascalia’s vendor-agnostic platform gives you control over every aspect of your smart city.

  • Control lights, sensors, smart bins, traffic lights, and so much more using a single dashboard.
  • Connect pre-existing devices and equipment to Ascalia directly.
  • Visualise data and analytics, and everything else to do with your city using one interface.

Rich Data Collection
& Analytics

Ascalia automatically collects and analyses the data flowing through it using advanced machine learning algorithms.

  • Get the information you’ll need to make better decisions for your city.
  • Identify and address traffic choke points before your city comes to a standstill.


Ascalia is designed with security at its core, ensuring the protection of every data stream transmitted to and from it.

  • Safeguards city data using enterprise-grade, end-to-end encryption.
  • Uses a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to guarantee powerful end-to-end encryption.

Energy Optimization
& Cost Savings

Ascalia can learn to predict issues before they occur and to optimize energy usage – cutting costs substantially.

  • Instant alerts to relevant departments allow them to react before your city incurs additional damage, disruption, and costs.
  • Capabilities like intelligent lighting further contribute to saving energy and cut down on power bills – making your city more eco-friendly.
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Compatibility with
Existing Equipment

Our innovative ADS3000 allows you to connect your factory to Ascalia without upgrading any equipment.

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Ascalia Can Make Your
Smart City Greener Too!

Launch your manufacturing facility into the digital age with Ascalia.
Cut down on various costs while improving your production.

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