ADS3000 is the 3rd generation of ADS (Ascalia Drone System) modular hardware device for connecting legacy devices into Ascalia ecosystem.
Using ADS you do not have to update your equipment, you can simply plug in even 20 year old frequency converters into ADS and data will start streaming into Ascalia!

A multitude of devices is supported

  • RS485/RS232
  • Modbus, Modbus over Ethernet
  • Ethernet
  • Zigbee/Xbee
  • LoRa
  • CAN
  • Digital/Analog

Various connectivity available

ADS devices send data to Ascalia over a highly-secure network designed in accordance to modern industrial security standards. Depending on the situation, availability and use-case, following ways of connectivity are used:

  • Ethernet/Internet
  • LoRaWan

ADS3000 comes in different version with different connectivity combinations of above mentioned protocols, depending on your use-case. Once connected to a device or bus, it continuously reads configured data and sends it to Ascalia. In case of any disruption of connectivity, device buffers data and sends it when connection is again established.