Industry 4.0

Equipment in manufacturing facilities and small industries is built to last. It is not surprising to find decades old equipment in a factory, working just fine. At the same time, such equipment is a big roadblock to new technologies such as Industry 4.0. Ascalia surpasses this problem using proprietary ADS3000 device where needed.

Ascalia Industry 4.0 will help you with

  • Automation through connected equipment (IIoT)

  • Productivity / process optimisation by leveraging data

  • Innovation, such as remote monitoring and control

  • New revenue streams through intelligent use of information

Luckily, Ascalia allows you to leverage all Industry 4.0 advantages without having to update your equipment and parts. In combination with our ADS3000 device, Ascalia can connect even with equipment from the early 90s. Interoperability is the biggest challenge facing the Industry 4.0 and IoT market in general, and may be the missing link to implementing and realizing the value of many IIoT use-cases. This is something Ascalia is at the forefront of, using latest technology to unify data with the ultimate goal of making the world a cleaner, more sustainable place.

If your equipment is already ready for Industry 4.0, even better! Ascalia supports a multitude of standard protocols and communication layers available in modern devices. It is also not vendor-specific, you can mix and match equipment from different providers and get all their data into Ascalia Industry 4.0 platform.

Using Ascalia as your Industry 4.0 platform you gain much more than just data collection

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs

    Having data on each part of your facility will help you identify bottlenecks, inefficient equipment and equipment at end-of-life. Fixing those issues with the help of Ascalia you will easily increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Monitor and manage 24/7 from anywhere

    Your facility should operate 24/7 in order to maximize profits and deliver products to clients on time. Connecting your facility into Ascalia will enable you with remote monitoring and analytics without having to upgrade any piece of equipment.

  • Predict malfunctions and maintenance

    Imagine knowing in advance when a rotary machine will have a bust bearing. Using advanced predictive maintenance algorithms of Ascalia this is possible, allowing you to order necessary parts in advance and plan for downtime. Not only will you reduce downtime greatly but also reduce costs.

Find out how you can leverage Ascalia to make the world a nicer place

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