Ascalia is a modern all-in-one platform for IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial IoT) systems aimed at smart cities and industry.

What is IoT/IIoT?

The term internet of things (IoT) describes connecting devices, sensors or actuators into networks with the aim of collecting and analyzing data. Different types of everyday devices can be linked together to communicate amongst themselves and to other applications, such as cars, lights, lamp posts, weather stations, energy meters etc. The Ascalia hardware and software can help you to enable the setup of an IoT network in a city or industrial facility, offering interoperability, flexibility and efficiency.

How does Ascalia connect?

Ascalia is based on latest technologies in electronics, data transfer and machine learning. The core of the platform is a highly secure and distributed data store used to store incoming data from a number of different sources:

  • ADS3000 devices
  • LoRaWAN-connected sensors
  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Smart city providers
  • Open REST API

Ascalia also has capability to send events and data to other systems, either by synchronizing directly into other systems or by providing Open REST API access to other systems.

What is LoRaWAN?

It is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) network designed to allow low-powered devices to communicate with Internet-connected applications over long-range wireless connections. It is perfect for smart cities where you have a lot of different sensors in a large area which do not require a lot of data transferred. It is commonly used for weather sensors, gas, water and electricity meters etc.